Canvas vs. Model-Driven Apps

Dataverse, PowerApps
Canvas vs. Model-Driven Apps - Choosing the Right Approach for Your Next Project Canvas Apps: 1. Design Flexibility:Visual Design Control: Canvas apps offer more flexibility in terms of design. You start with a blank canvas where you can drag and drop elements (like buttons, galleries, forms) and customise their appearance, layout, and behaviour.Pixel-Level Control: Developers have precise control over the placement and styling of each element on the screen.2. Data Source Integration:Wide Data Source Support: Canvas apps can connect to various data sources, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, and custom APIs.Manually Define Data Connections: Users must manually define the data connections and layout to display the data from these sources.3. App Logic:Custom Logic Implementation: Developers can implement app logic using formulas (PowerFx), making it powerful but also requiring more…
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“Step-by-Step Guide to Building an Employee Onboarding Process with Model-Driven Apps in Dynamics 365”

"Step-by-Step Guide to Building an Employee On-boarding Process with Model-Driven Apps in Dynamics 365" Introduction Employee onboarding is a critical phase that sets the stage for a successful employment journey. Leveraging model-driven apps within Dynamics 365 allows organisations to streamline and automate this process, ensuring a smooth transition for new hires.Step 1: Setting Up the EnvironmentLog in to your Dynamics 365 environment and navigate to Power Apps.Create a new model-driven app project specifically for employee onboarding.Step 2: Defining EntitiesIdentify the essential data needed for onboarding, such as Employee Information, Documents, Training Modules, etc.Create entities for each category, defining attributes and relationships between them.Step 3: Designing Processes and WorkflowsUtilize Power Automate to design workflows that automate tasks, notifications, and approvals during onboarding.Link these workflows with the created entities to manage the…
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